Monday, 24 October 2011

islamic qoutes and sayings

today, i want to speaking.. haha~ don't believe it.. caye je la.. (terlepas suda) ahaks.. okay! let's be serious..
as a muslim.. i want to give to all my visitors a speech..what's the speech about?!
it's about islamic qoutes and sayings.. (kan da tertere tajuk kat atas tu..)

bermula lah kisah hidup seorang wanita dengan secret admire nye.. (terabor ayat.. BM+BI.. reda' je la)

1) BOY: Hi, May I drop you at your college? GIRL: No thanks! I have my own means (legs). Better drop some handicapped one.
(2) BOY: Hello! May I help you to lift your burden? GIRL: Yes! Can you lift my burden of sins as they have over  burdened me.
BOY: Excuse me! We all are going for a good movie,would u like to join us? GIRL: No. Please! No!Not at all. BOY: But why? GIRL: I'm busy with my own.... BOY: What...your own movie? What u mean? GIRL: My life itself is a real movie for me. I'm busy in making it better.
 (4) GIRL: Hello! Can you show me your modesty? BOY: How can I show that? GIRL: Just by lowering your gaze.Don't stare at me again, because Allah is watching you.
(5) BOY: Hey what happened to you? You seem worried today.Do you need any help? GIRL: No thanks! I'm good Alhumdulillah. I'm just thinking of my akhirat.
(6) BOY: Hey you! I thinkyou are a Muslim. Aren'tyou? GIRL: Yes I'm. Why do you ask when you already knew? Well, youshould follow Islam, before following me. 
(7) BOY: Excuse me! CanI have your number please? GIRL: Why? BOY: Hmm, I just wanna talk to you, tonight. GIRL: Im sorry I can't, better you talk to my friend. BOY: Ok, No problem! May I know who is your friend? GIRL: Yes, the one who knows the hidden secrets of his slaves. Talk to him tonight, May you be guided.
(8) BOY: Oh, Mashallah! You look awesome in this Hijab today.Where did you buy it from? GIRL: Please!Shut your eyes and heart from me and remember my beloved who created you-The owner of Might n Majesty, the possessorof faith and beauty.
 (9) BOY: Salam! As today is My Birth day, I would like to give you a gift, instead of you giving me. GIRL: Well, May I know what for? BOY: Hmm, just I wanna make you happy.No other reason. GIRL: Ok fine! Give it to an orphan please, I will be more than happy.
 (10) BOY: Excuse me, If you don't mind can I take your picture please? GIRL: But why? BOY: You look hot in thisnew black Hijab. GIRL: Oh I see, remember the grave will be blacker and the hell will be hotter than this.
(11) BOY: Dear, I love you! GIRL: You shouldn't.BOY: What? GIRL: You shouldn't love me. BOY: Why? GIRL: Because, those who believe are stronger in their love for Allah.
 p/s: kalau nie la 'girl' tu.. alhamdulillah.. tertutup keaibannya..
so, did u get what i'am trying to say?! i hope u get it..
 that's all from me.. assalamualaikum..  

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